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I use the heck out of notecards for just about every aspect of strength and conditioning planning.  They are compact and easy to use; however, unformatted notecards can be uninviting to use.  So, I design and format my own cards and put them in my Coach's Companion planner.  

This card is formatted for a pre-hab circuit.  Pre-hab is a very important aspect of comprehensive strength and conditioning.  In some cases, maybe pre-hab consists of ankle mobility and neck strengthening, but as maturity increases as well as competitive level a more advanced program can be added.  For me, pre-hab is part of a dynamic warm-up and involves much more than stretching and doing a few shoulder rotation exercises.  Lastly, a prudent coach should examine pre-hab and dynamic warm-up movements and exercises so as these do not contribute to injury pathways, but rather seeks to help prevent them.


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