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A number of years ago, I read an article about Vince Lombardi and his use of notepads.  According to the article, Coach Lombardi kept extensive notes on his thoughts, strategies, and offensive schemes.

Since then, I began work on creating my own version and I use mine everyday.  My notepad has evolved into a book project, but my personal version continues to get a lot of use.  

In one section, I try and work out training sessions.  The work-out notion is a time for me to analyze the big question, "Why am I doing what I'm doing."  How will this benefit the athlete through the perspective of an athlete, not the perspective of a weightlifter.  

I try and consider as many variables as I can before I pilot test the session dynamics.  I've never created the perfect session by any means, but I'm always striving to improve the process and to better understand the big picture of cause and effect.  I don't think positive outcomes occur by accident, its through thought, trial and error, and most importantly refinement.

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