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This post is a result of reflections on turning seventy and as I continue the 49th year of my coaching journey. These are thoughts on what I could have done better or at least differently. They are the results of questions in the process of mentoring other coaches and raising my children. The questions usually are: What have you learned? What would do differently? Hopefully this will stimulate you to think and learn from my mistakes, missteps and an occasional success.

Slow down you move too fast

You don’t always have to be right

Knock the chip off your shoulder

No one knows everything

It is not necessary to get in the last word


Listen more, talk less

You don’t have to be the savior

It’s OK to make money, many people do not value free

Earn the right, pay your dues

Be here now – in the moment

The big time is not the place to be

It’s not a perfect world, deal with it

Passion needs to be handled carefully. It is like a high-octane fuel, very volatile and explosive.

Stand up for what you believe in

Beware of false prophets bearing gifts

Tune out the naysayers

Forgive but don’t forget

Be a participant not a recipient

Be true to yourself

Don’t confuse the messenger with the message

Be the best YOU, you can be

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