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Nursing Theory to Guide Practice as a Nurse Practitioner    

Nursing Theory

Among the many nursing theories that exist in the current body of literature, Dorothea Orem’s has been chosen as the important one to guide my practice. As such, it is imperative to pay attention to the theory of self-care that focuses on ‘I’ and entails activities that a person practices, initiates or performs to maintain well-being, health, and life associated with human functioning (Tilley, 2008). It also includes self-care agency (ability to engage in self-care), self-care requisite (action directed toward providing self-care which include universal, development, and health deviation requisites) and therapeutic self-care demand, (self-care actions to be carried out to meet requisite for self-care) (Carryer, Gardner, Dunn, & Gardner, 2007).

Goals and Objectives

With this information in mind, the first goal will be to ask essay writing service to help to acquire extensive knowledge, skills, and experiences related to providing health promotion services, disease prevention, and intervention as well as develop critical thinking and reasoning capability (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy, & O'Grady, 2013; Alligood, 2014). There are some of the important areas needed to demonstrate competence in managing patients’ illness and health status. Further, it will be fundamental to acquire skills and knowledge on how to deliver safe care and evidence-based approaches, which are critical competencies in the nurse practitioner professional role (Brown, 1998). Finally, it will be crucial to acquire knowledge in management and negotiations related to the health care delivery system. It means striving to gain knowledge of health care as it impacts the delivery of care and ways to advocate for policies that will positively affect the system (Queirós, Vidinha, & Almeida Filho, 2014).

Timeline of Practicum Activities

This practicum will start this month (September 2016) and will run through the entire semester. I am estimating that each week will take 20-30 hours, which will translate to approximately 11 weeks. Some of these hours will be utilized in familiarizing myself with resources and preparing for class delivery. If the schedule is accepted, it will end in late December. However, the proposed timeline is subject to change based on my progress.

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