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Off Season Football Workouts Phase 4 Maximum Strength Training

The fourth install of my 5 part series on talks about the max strength phase of an off season workout. The body has been prepped and readied for the heaviest loads of the training cycle. Please take a look and let me know if what exercises you use to build maximum strength. For any additional consultation please contact me and I would love to talk shop with any and all. OFF SEASON PHASE 4 MAX STRENGTH

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Comment by Fernando Rosete on May 29, 2012 at 11:52am

Hi Robert, 

I like your program, I was just wondering if the order of the exercises was as you have it listed, for I see explosive exercises towards the end (such as a snatch) that would be better off at the beginning of the workout. Another observation I have is I see you are using LP. If your athletes are at an overall level, have you thought about a DUP model instead of LP? I assume you will focus more on power in the pre-season, like  more plyometrics, and maybe PAP?

Anyway, I just had those observations. Keep up the good work! We could talk anytime you'd like.


Fernando Rosete MS candidate, NASM

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