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When you program a session of any kind with more than one exercise, how do you determine which exercise to begin with?

Do you have a physiological rationale, practical/logistic rationale or a combination? (for example, “we start with what's available”)

Why does the priority system of exercise supersede that of decreasing neural demand with the FPM?

The potential disadvantage of exclusively structuring workout based on the principle of decreasing neural demand is that the athlete/fitness client always perform single joint exercises and small muscle areas in a fatigued state with poorer performance and potentially sub par improvements as the result (See discussion in 14.a)

Why is it a problem to always train the small muscle groups and single joint exercises in a fatigued state?

Recall principle # 6 and Principle # 8

6. First improve the weak link, AND THEN improve the function of the entire kinetic chain

8. First improve the endurance of deep stabilizer muscles, AND THEN improve the strength of prime moves (phasic muscles)

When principle # 6 and # 8 is applied training the weak links and the deep stabilizers is the top priority in the resistance training program. Thus, whatever exercise is used to develop the weak links and deep stabilizers, single joint/small muscle group or multi joint/larger muscle groups, those exercises are placed first in the training program.

(From Periodization Simplified

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