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I have been fortunate to do what I do for a long time. I have seen many fads; trends and ideas come and go. At the end of the day in the world of coaching the bottom line is the bottom line; it is producing consistent results in the competitive arena. To do that requires strong core beliefs and sound foundational principles along with the ability to innovate and adapt as necessary.

As I have gained experience the picture has become clearer and more focused. It is not so much what you know as what you do not know, being willing to admit it and not let that limit your ability to make your athlete’s better. Knowledge grows into wisdom. Wisdom gives perspective and depth so that you never lose sight of the big picture. Mistakes and failure have certainly been a part of my growth process. The key has been the ability to learn from the mistakes and to rebound from the failures. Keep learning and growing, seek wisdom and understanding and remember the answer is there no answer.

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