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Practice, you better do it. You can debate whether practice makes perfect or makes permanent. It does both depending on the person’s stage of development, maturity, degree of physical competence and emotional control. The fact of the matter you must practice to get better. Last week I heard an interview on NPR with Jeff Beck, one of the greatest guitar players in the world. He is obviously an accomplished musician who has been playing the guitar for well over forty years. It would be easy for him to skip a practice, surely no one would notice. He made it clear that he would notice! The interviewer asked him if he practiced? His answer: “Oh yes I practiced one hour this morning. I practice one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. The more you practice, the better you get.” As coaches we expect our athletes to practice, but do you practice? What do you do each day to make yourself as a better coach? How do you prepare. You cannot expect more from the athletes you coach than you are willing to give yourself. They might not notice if you did not prepare, but you should. Do something everyday to make yourself better. Practice, practice, practice, with a purpose and direction.

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