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Practice Perfect- Mastering Feedback Part 2

How To Get Better At Getting Better

I am so excited because I get to give away MULTIPLE copies of 'Practice Perfect' by my friend Doug Lemov!  To find out how you can win a copy listen to this podcast and check out the show notes.

Here in part two of this podcast series we discuss the following:

  • Rule 14 ‘Make Each Minute Matter': Your opening statement is ‘If you want to be a coach go buy a whistle’. What exactly do you mean by that?
  • Rule 23: you discuss the importance of using feedback not just getting it. Can you talk about this idea of ‘The OK Plateau’ and how this applies to athletes?
  • How can coaches implement the concept of ‘tacit accountability’ in their practices?
  • Rule 25: Why is it important for coaches to shorten their feedback loop?
  • What do you tell coaches who give too much feedback and way too frequently/
  • Coaches often fall into the trap of a deficit mindset and use feedback to fix a weakness or correct an error. However, in Rule 26 you discuss the importance of making feedback positive…why is this important?
  • Many young coaches equate praise with positive feedback…but why is this the weakest kind of positive feedback? What are the 3 simple tools for making positive feedback effective? p.12
  • Rule 29: Why should coaches be focused on describing solutions rather than problems when giving feedback?
  • Plus more!

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