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The human body is very complex.  Training it for sports, battle, and life requires some considerable thought, effort, and reflection.  I like the research method approach whereas I prescribe training elements, evaluate their effectiveness and outcomes, and make judgements as far as how to adapt.

Preparation is really the key, though, isn't it?  Not JUST preparation, but targeted preparation.  There is a vast difference between work and productivity.  Here, I'm trying to make sense of how preparing (training) relates to the conditions outside of training environment that we're preparing for.  If the two don't relate much, then there's not much transfer.  It can be easy here to get caught-up in bravado and over- emphasis on merely numbers rather than energy, teachability, execution, healthiness, and cohesion.

Preparation is an on-going effort.  I don't want to lose sight of that fact.  I don't want to waste one single training session during the year.  I want to take the time to understand what's really going on right here and now and examine the direction my efforts are heading down.

Take the time to prepare, take the time to prepare with intent, take the time to evaluate preparation outcomes.

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