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In terms of coaching performance development within the athletic or tactical arenas, monitoring "production" in the training environment is crucial, is vital, is absolutely essential. Through the eyes of a "strength" coach, production is usually seen as strength. Basically, how much can you lift and can you lift within schemes that promote absolute strength during the year.  It is often further quantified by lifts that involve "performing" powerful or explosive movements.

But, through the eyes of someone who seeks to develop training production in terms of how production relates to actual or intended performance outside of the training environment, solely viewing absolute strength as production doesn't make sense and is probably in-effective in the long run.

What are the training-products to be harnessed within the performance continuum?  Fitness-skill, movement, kinesthetic awareness, conditioning, strength, healthiness, mind-body awareness, tactical problem-solving, learn-ability, role understanding, stress-processing, and competitive dynamics.

Communicate the big picture of performance, its a lot more than just moving a heavy load in a vertical plane from point A to point B.  Continue to try and better understand training-products and the process of "production."  Make sense of how production, and the habits developed, relate to competitive or battle performance. 


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