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I think some coaches still think that you can either be a functional anatomy, corrective exercise coach, or a periodization-guru, squat heavy, mental toughness, load'em up coach. This is not the case. The most respected, sought after, financially successful (and if you're still not worried about the money you make at this point in the economy, I have no problem calling you crazy) coaches understand all sides of the field and have the unique ability to organize different ideas into a coherent methodology. Squatting is functional. "Corrective exercises" are difficult. I'm not even sure why "functional" is still associated with someone standing on a BOSU or Core Board. Even Mike Boyle will agree that was a horrible choice for a book cover (and people who think that defines "functional", never opened the book). There's no need to divide the field anymore. Competition drives creativity, so I'm all for different styles, methods and exercises, as long as the minds behind the different ideas can accept those differences.

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Comment by Daniel Gregory on January 27, 2009 at 9:29pm
Maybe it is important for there to be these kinds of "one-track" minded people out there. It just give more credibility to those that understand that, especially in this field, nothing is concrete and no one thing is ever the answer.

Most of my encounters with the "functional" training "experts" has been ironically with ignorant and innexperienced personal trainers one month off of their CPT certification. These are also the same people that take a high school football player through the same workout they just administered to a 40 year old obese woman two months out of knee replacement surgery.

It's a combination of ignorance and being nieve. I agree that competition drives creativity, competition also weeds out the week and stupid. Closed mindedness usually finds its way out of the elite circles

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