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Random Thoughts on Training to Wrap Up 2016

Volume is not a biomotor quality. Anyone can do more; the path to success is doing it better.

Train speed in – It is precious. Very easy to compromise by speed by doing too much

Strength as a motor quality is easy to develop and even easier to stabilize (Maintain)

Consist work is more important than an occasional spectacular workout

Train to your strengths and minimize the weaknesses

So-called “Reactive Agility” is best trained within the context of the actual technical and tactical sport practice. Coaches pointing to cones and flashing lights do not get it done.

The majority of “Programmed Agility” is actually injury prevention (working on force reduction ability) and rehearsal of complex movements in a controlled rather than chaotic environment

Use drills selectively, specifically and sparingly. Drills do not equal skills

Understand and apply the distinction between General, Special and Specific Strength

Injury prevention work should be a transparent part the regular training sessions.

Recovery is important but first you have to do enough work to warrant recovery

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