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Regardless of what training method you subscribe to, at some point in time truths about human function have to be reconciled with in order to get sustained positive outcomes.  Now, we could try and circumvent the truth with all sorts of invented logic, but in the end the truth does rise to the top.  Here's the challenge, I either know and understand these truths or I don't.

Cell Theory: All structure and function is the result of cellular activity.  This is vital.  At some point everything falls out as a cellular reaction.  Here, the body is either able to adapt to stress or it's not.  Cellular function is either healthy or it is not.  If the stress from exercise is healthy, the body becomes more fit, more hardy.  If the stress from exercise is too great, the body beaks down.

Hemeostasis: The body always seeks to maintain a stable internal environment. The human system is highly developed and refined for one objective, survival. Don't fool yourself especially with magic pills, powders, or potions.  At some point, the body will adjust to the chemicals put into the body.  Creatine supplementation is a good example.  A multi-billion dollar chemical that really doesn't live up to the hype. We don't really know why creatine helps to increase mass other than it swells the cells and creates a "feeling" that the body is stronger.  In the end, the body will reject overuse of any chemical additive and turn-off/limit production and begin to void excess out of the system.

Evolutionary Process: Human development is an evolving process. We grow, we develop, we mature, and eventually we decline.  For us to continue to improve our strength and conditioning, training must evolve, too.  It's really hard for fitness to stand still, moreover, fitness is a process of decline and improvement.

Hierarchy of Structure: There are levels of complexity to human function. The body houses a human system geared towards protecting itself from injury or disease.  The body always seek to preserve organ function and maintain an internal balance.

Structure and Function: Anatomy and physiology both determine each other. The better health of anatomy, the better the physiology.  The better the health of physiology, the better the anatomical structure.  Tear down anatomy through compression, torque, overuse and the like and watch what happens physiologically.  You may not see this happening, but it is a fact.

Are you reconciling your approach with the truths or purposefully avoiding them?


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