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Think about this, I could put in my blood, sweat, and tears in my training as an athlete, but if the effort is headed in the wrong direction, it is somewhat of a futile effort.  I think it's too easy as a strength and conditioning coach to focus on variables rather than the endgame of the athlete (right direction). 

What is the training endgame of the athlete?  To potentially better produce during competition, right.  Now, I'm not talking myself out of a job, but it seems that often the endgame of strength and conditioning programs are to have a name on a performance wall, to win the sweatiest shirt contest, or to be in a certain "x-pound" club.  These things are nice, but their pride-based outcomes based on the endgame of a coach, not the athlete.  They are intentions that come out of a mentality that perhaps does not really understand the endgame of the athlete.   

Contrary to what many of us are being primed for if the training endgame for an athlete does not relate to the actual demands of the sport in some capacity other than vague references to power and explosion, the training is probably effort directed in the wrong direction.  

Specifically, how does the training program relate to the endgame of the athlete?  Could I put this up on a board and explain my reasoning to someone who is knowledgeable about motor-learning, physiology, physics, anatomy, and sports psychology?  Or, is it easier on my ego to hide under the guise of this is what we do and surround myself with yes-men?

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