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It is interesting to see the workout plans from different schools, because it just supports my coaches philosophy that "it ain't about the X's & O's, it is about the Jimmy & Joes!!" Basically, regardless of how good of a coach that you think that you are, it still boils down to having the right/talented players. It also further supports my idea about the strength & conditioning field, that the exercises are universal/basic, but it is just a matter of how you develop/design your program.

There are a lot of so-so coaches out there with great athletes who win a lot of games. Then you have great coaches who have horrible athletes and can’t win a game. You see a lot of that when coaches leave schools after a great season to pursue a bigger and better job, but they never get that winning season or that championship.

With strength and conditioning it’s pretty much the basics all the time. You can add in some new and dynamic stuff to break the monotony and the boredom of the training program. The bottom line is getting results and making your athletes better athletes. The hard thing, is looking at each individual athlete and tweeking their program when you have 60 athletes to deal with.

You also have to look at what kind of offense are you guys running…power, running game (really strong, big, powerful o-line) compared to a spread offense (quicker, faster, more agile o-line). Same thing with your defense…do you want big guys to plug up the holes or do you want smaller, quicker guys that can move. To some extent your program will revolve around what scheme the coaches are trying to accomplish on the field.

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Comment by Canute McKenzie on March 13, 2009 at 2:54am
That's true, take a look at the "U" Coach Swasney is a great S&C Coach, but your only as good as the players you have. When he had Butch Davits recruiting talent , Willis, MaGahee,Frank Gore, Andre Johnson, and Santana Moss to work with, he just implemented his training formula to there genetic Make up, and began churning out first round draft picks like an assembly line. then when he started getting those Larry Coker, Bust he could only do what he could with them hence the "U" falling off the map for a few years.

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