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In training every component cannot receive equal emphasis each session or each training cycle. Nothing occurs in isolation. You can write it that way in the plan, but on the track, field, pool or weight room one training component always affects another. In fact there are many co-dependent relationships. In addition every physical quality has different a time to adaptation. For example adaptation to work on flexibility occurs much more rapidly that does adaptation to speed training. When designing training program I visualize the relationship of one component to another as a seesaw. When one side goes up the other side goes down and unless there are two people on the seesaw there is no movement. The seesaw principle in training represents this reciprocal relationship when one parameter goes up the other goes down. There are times where you want balance, but just as on the seesaw that is very brief and precarious. To help make your training effective look for and train the relationships and connections. Some are very linear and direct and others are very non-linear and transparent, but they are there. The more you can connect the more effective the training.

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