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Should You Let Your Athletes Choose Their Sets & Reps

In part two of the podcast series on 'Strength Training & Coordination w/Frans Bosch' we discuss the following:

  • Can you explain in a little more detail your approach to letting your athletes choose their sets and reps? (the concept you discussed in pt 1)

  • What are one or two practical drills that coaches can do with developing athletes (high school age) to begin to improve muscle slack?

  • In ch. 3 you mention the six basic training factors (specificity, individuality, transfer, overload, reversibility, law of diminishing returns)...if strength training is specific to movement ability, where does general training, if at all, come in to play when it comes to programming?

  • On page 106 you quote 'learning to move is not just a questions of learning the various components of movement, but also of learning the ration between stable and unstable components'. Tie this statement in to the concepts of 'attractors' and 'fluctuators'.

  • Starting on page 113 you mention the eight agility attractors. How can coaches use these as an assement tool?

  • What are the implications of these eight attractors in regards to strength training?

  • Plus a ton more!!

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