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In the course of my fifty years of coaching I have been fortunate to have had great mentors, influences and role models. I learned very early that I was not entitled to anything I had to pay my dues and earn the right to move forward. I constantly had to prove my competence and continue to improve.

In today’s world with increasing specialization and fast tracking I worry about the up and coming generation of coaches. This is an attempt to help guide this generation as to what matters in coaching. Start here with this as a self-evaluation exercise. Use this to create a profile of yourself beyond your resume’

Statement of Philosophy of Training and Coaching (Two Paragraphs Maximum)

Specific Short Term and Long-Term Goals

Education and relevant course work

All Coaching Experience – In any sport at any level

         Specifically, whom did you coach

         What were your actual coaching responsibilities?

Teaching Experience – Formal and informal (Sunday School counts)

Areas of Coaching Expertise – Be Specific & include examples

What are your Strengths? What makes you special and stand out from your peers?

What are your Weaknesses? Where do you need to improve? How do you plan to address your weaknesses?

Appearance – Do you look the part? Are you fit, and do you present yourself well?

Skill Proficiency – Do you have the ability to demonstrate what you are teaching?

Work Ethic – Are you willing to go the extra mile and work until the job is done? Give examples of how and when you have done this.

Certifications & Accreditations – List all in any field

List three books on Training or Athletic Enhancement that you have read in the past three months

List three books not related to sport or training that you have read in the last three months?

List three refereed journal articles that you have read in the last three months

What are you doing on a regular basis to improve your knowledge and ability as a coach? What is you action plan to improve your skills going forward?

What will you do that will be special?

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