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Here are some thoughts and ideas on training I have been thinking about. Hopefully this will stimulate you on to step back and look differently at your coaching. If nothing else it should make you think.

Consistency in training is rewarded many times over. Big wins come from a succession of small wins. Take care of business everyday and you have a change to win in the competitive arena.

If it is a choice between volume and intensity, I will always ere to the side of intensity. It is easy to do more but hard to do more better.

Planning and having a plan are not one and the same. The key is turning the plan into action – work the plan.

Always ask yourself - Am I building adaptable athletes or adapted athletes? The competitive arena is unforgiving so it is the adaptable athletes who will thrive there.

Training accumulates – Session-to-Session, Week-to-Week, Month-to-Month, and Year-to-Year. Take and advantage of the accumulation and grow accordingly.

All components of training must be trained at all phases of the training year – just the proportion and emphasis varies with the stage of the training year and the career.

Get rid of the fluff, don’t be cute, and emphasize the basics. Basic training and basic concepts will yield consistent training results. Consistent training results will give you a chance to win in competition. All you can ask for is chance to win.

The basics of starting and acceleration mechanics are three reflexes: 1) Startle Reflex 2) Stumble Reflex and 3) Extension Reflex.

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