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There are some simple basic guidelines for restoration depending on the timing in relation to the workout. Within the workout, allow adequate rest between exercises and the various types of work based on the type of work. This rest should preferably be active in nature. A major recovery consideration intra workout is proper nutrition. During the workout this should consist of fluid replacement and carbohydrate replacement, preferably combined. Shaking and self-massage can be effective recovery tools between exercises in a workout. Between am and pm workouts it is important to apply recovery methods immediately at the conclusion of the first workout. Between days employ the recovery methods 6 –9 hours after the workout or competition.  If the workout or competition finishes late then start the recovery procedures in the morning after rising. 

Recovery and restoration is as much a part of the training process as the training itself. The recovery must be part of the training plan from the earliest stages of development. Recovery must be taught by making the athlete more aware of reading their body and understanding how they adapt to training. It is quite a personal process that the athlete must take ownership of in order to insure progressive adaptation. Without recovery the adaptation to training cannot take place.

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