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What does anyone know about the "Sots Press"? All I have gathered so far is that it is basically a power clean/squat clean and after the clean has been caught and in the receiving position, you then hold that position and press the barbell over your head. It's a pretty tough lift, and I was wondering if anyone else has heard anything on it.

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Comment by Adam Blalock on November 26, 2010 at 9:55pm
This thread is old but I saw that you were on Weatherly's friend list.

Victor Sots was a Soviet weightlifter from the early 1980's who used the push jerk (or power jerk) instead of the split jerk. He would clean or power clean a weight and sit in the bottom position and then press it. Jim Schmitz, an American weightlifting coach, saw him press 160 kg for a triple and 180 kg for a single. Sots competed at 100 kg and could clean & jerk 230+ kg. A tremendously strong human using a very high level exercise, I would caution against its use with lower level strength athletes. This lift requires alot of shoulder flexibility to complete correctly. My honest opinion is that if you are spending a great deal of time trying to master this exercise you are neglecting others.
Comment by Tyler Warren on October 7, 2009 at 1:13pm
I assume you have grasped what the Sots Press by now. If not, I just looked up a couple of you tube vids and a couple of pages discussing the movement. The videos and literature I found on it is pretty much what you discussed in the blog. If you want anymore reading here is a link This gave a decent breakdown of the movement and the effectivness of the movement.
Comment by Donnell Boucher on February 3, 2009 at 7:02pm
I actually have our athletes "move away" from the barbell, ending in a bottom position overhead squat...we use those in mobility complexes, a friend of mine actually got me onto's a link to an article he wrote about it:

he's got a good video of one the complexes...they've worked great for attacking mobility deficiencies for us. Never thought about loading that up, nor would I want to, & you don't need to clean it up, you can take it right out of the rack if you just wanted to do the Sots press by itself, or you can combo it...I like reverse lunging in the clean catch position [out of the rack], sots press, single leg good mornings, cross behind lunges...empty bb, x5each, and coach the shit out of torso positioning, control on the descent, joint alignment, and heel drive.

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