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Today I want to talk about what Sport Yoga is by starting with what it isn't. It's not your typical yoga. There are no inversions. We don't do down dog. We don't end with shavasana. We don't settle deep into the muscle or the joint. It's not about never having "tweeks" but about being able to absorb them and move on!

Sport Yoga is about the muscles being able to adapt to change quickly and efficiently. It's about filling all the "air in the tires" so they all measure at the same PSI. It's about working the equal and opposing muscles. It's about movement correction and realigning the spine, so that your body can operate at 100% capacity.

Sport Yoga is centered around athletic movement. Often athletes are not using the glutes correctly. As a matter of fact, glutes are more often underused than overused. Glutes should be the primary muscles used in sports, but they are often overshadowed by the quadriceps (yup, all you snow sports people know what I'm talking about). Donkey Kick to Anterior CL fires the glutes, helping you to perform at a whole new level!

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