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Strength Training & Coordination: Are You Possibly Training Your Athletes the Wrong Way?

What if there was a BETTER way to train your athletes?

In this brand new podcast series Coach Frans Bosch and I go in-depth in his book 'Strength Training & Coordination'.

In part one we discuss the following:

  • "Seeing strength training as a way of staying close to..." pg 56
  • Exercises that are a 'waste of time' for coaches in program design
  • Ch 1- What do you mean by 'reductionism' and why is this an important concept for coaches to understand?
  • Ch 1- Is there truly such thing as 'sport specfic training'?
  • What is the importance of intentionality in contextual strength training?
  • An example of a 'sport specific exercise' for sprinting
  • What is the first step when designing a training program for athletes?
  • Ch 2- What are some of the limiting influences on force production? What about force absorption?
  • Plus more!

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