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The 7 “story lines” of Periodization

From Periodization Simplified - The 7 “story lines” of Periodization

The last seven sections covered the 7 ‘storylines of perodization that each has a “first, then” structure that speaks to the definition of periodization as different periods with different goals, structures and content of the training program.

Some of these shifts happen “early” in the macro cycle, others happen “later” in the macro cycle.

 “Early in the macro cycle”

Principle # 5 First Develop Flexibility, AND THEN develop strength, speed, power or endurance.  


“Early-mid” macro cycle

Principle # 6 First improve the weak link, AND THEN improve the function of the entire kinetic chain

Principle # 7 First improve the endurance of (tonic) stabilizer muscles, AND THEN improve the strength of prime moves (phasic muscles)

Principle # 8 First develop the aerobic energy system, AND THEN develop the anerobic energy system. First improve maximal speed, AND THEN improve speed endurance

Principle # 9 First improve structural strength, AND THEN improve functional strength.


“Later” in the macro cycle

Principle # 10 First improve maximal strength, AND THEN convert this strength to sport specific combinations of power, speed and endurance

Principle # 11 First improve physical capacity, AND THEN improve sport specific technique

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