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There seems to be an epidemic of poor batting in the world of baseball right now.

As USA Today reported, “Major league hitters were humbled this year in a season that featured the fewest runs per game since 1992, five no-hitters, countless near-misses and two perfect games that should have been three.”

Yes, this truly has been the year of the pitcher.

What’s baseball without some back and forth action? Pitchers pitch and hitters hit. That’s the natural expectation of the game. But as pitchers work to turn their A games into their A+ games, what can batters do to get that extra edge?

One way, of course, is to train on devices (like the Dynavision D2 and I-SPAN) that can improve players’ reaction times, hand-eye coordination and overall visual focus. Batters, of all athletes, would absolutely benefit from sports vision training. Their jobs are to connect the bat with the ball – and then of course, to have the movement skills needed to run to and steal bases. It’s all easier said than done.

And it doesn’t end with batters either. Interested in how Dynavision Sports specifically aids baseball players’ needs? Check out page 8 of our media kit.

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Comment by Evan Phillips on December 9, 2013 at 1:16pm

I think this is the result of an increase in power arms across all of baseball. Coaches and trainers now know more about how to make pitchers throw harder. Gone are the days of runnning poles, making way for more modern scap and rotator cuff work. According to Matthew Futterman of WSJ, in 2003 Billy Wagner was the only pitcher who threw more than 25 pitches in the triple digits. 2012 saw 17 pitchers who reached this landmark. Combine this with increased PED testing and you have a lot less solid contact in the show these days.

Comment by Dynavision Sports on October 7, 2010 at 9:04am
Ha interesting point. Regardless, they need some sort of pick-me-up and we're thinking some sports vision training is a better route to go this time around...

Thanks for reaading!
Comment by Brendon Ziegler on October 7, 2010 at 8:13am
Could it be withdrawls from performance enhancing drugs?

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