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The Evaluation of a Strength and Conditioning Coach: A Process-Based Profession in an Outcome-Based System

Just over a year ago, I wrote an article titled What is Really Wrong with Strength and Conditioning. The article received a lot of positive feedback, which I am grateful for.

The overall message of the article was simple in stating but a bit more complicated in explanation. In basic terms, no one has figured out how to objectively evaluate the strength & conditioning coach.

One regret I have about the original article is that I didn't follow the 3 essential components of article writing in my opinion. Specifically, the third. The three questions that should be answered with every article are:

  1. Why is this topic important (why should I care)?
  2. Who are you to tell me (your qualifications)?
  3. What can I get from this (teach me)?

My solutions to the problem were vague and not comprehensive. They could serve as a good start to achieving a better profession, but they weren't concrete enough. Maybe, stating there is a problem that I felt no one was identifying was the main purpose of the article. Maybe shifting the mindsets of coaches to thoroughly think about the underlying issues causing some of the superficial causes was enough to add value. Regardless, there was unfinished business from a journalistic point of view.

Before exploring some possible solutions, let's look at where the problem lies in our industry. More specifically, we must first look at the climate and culture of the profession in which coaches are struggling to find a career. In so many words, the state of the industry outlines the issues themselves.

Read the entire article here

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