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The Foundation of Rotational Power Development: Part I.5

In addition to building body that capable of producing force, rotational athletes must utilize that force efficiently. You must identify movement restrictions (and correct them) as you program to improve strength and power. A body that produces more power without addressing restrictions is more at risk for injury. More specifically, active mobilty into rotation at the involved joints must be improved for rotational movement. The ankles, hips, and thoracic spine must be adequately mobile in order for the body to move efficiently. Mobile ankles and hips will spare the knees from excessive torque. Mobile hips and t-spine will spare the lumbar spine similarly. Efficiency is not exclusively synonymous with safety. Greater efficiency means greater performance as well. If the lumbar spine is stabilized, and the thoracic spine mobile, the shoulders are able to dissociate from the hips, inducing a greater stretch across the torso and subsequent release of stored elastic energy. Without this coordination, the athlete must use more energy to achieve the same movement velocity, while placing their body at risk. Restricted hip or thoracic spine mobility will cause the lumbar spine to compensate to achieve the desired movement. This compromises core stability and places the lumbar spine at risk for injury, as the vertebrae are designed to restrict rotation, not allow it.

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