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In last week’s blog, I wrote about a way of applying progressive overload (also called a method variation) designed for the ISS block.

Check it out by clicking here.

So, why does the method variation look the way it does?

1st Consideration: The goal of the ISS block is to develop weak links, endurance of tonic stabilizer muscles, structural strength and the Aerobic System. The development of these capacities require a high volume of training.

2nd Consideration: Since volume is key, the method variation is designed so that the volume per set is fixed (and high), always 36 repetitions. To further ensure the high volume of training, the total volume is independently increased, through a mandatory increase in the number of sets.

3rd Consideration: While intensity of training is important, intensity is not the key in this block. Therefore, intensity is only increased WHEN, all 36 repetitions can be performed with no rest pauses.

4th Consideration: Like previously mentioned, we must never “fix” all the program variables. There must always be a “way out” for the client. In this method variation the “way out” is the number of rest pauses per set. The client can have as many rest pauses as desired to complete the set.

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