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I am a big believer in the power of questions to guide our thinking and open our minds. Here is from Periodization Simplified.

(The text is an exerpt, but the meaning should be clear)

In preparation for a particular mesocycle the following questions are inevitable. If you are not considering these questions consciously, you are doing so unconsciously.

The questions are inevitable for each of the program variables 2-10 and for all modes of training, strength training, jumping/throwing and energy systems/speed training. In the following paragraph repetition tempo for resistance training is used as an example

- What repetition tempo is best support this goal? (for a given exercise)
- For how many workouts is that tempo effective? (See Section 2)

Then as you prepare for the next meso cycle that has a new objective

- What repetition tempo does best support this new goal? (for a given exercise)
- Is the tempo different from the tempo in the previous meso cycle?
- If so, how is the new tempo different from the previous tempo?

Overall, the optimal values for each of the program variables (2-10) changes when the objective of the meso cycle changes.

This change results in periodization as periodization was defined as different periods with different goals, structures (program variable #6) and content of the training program (2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10).

The ideal is that that ALL program variables are adjusted in a new mesocycle based on individual needs and the objective of the mesocycle.

The principle of adjusting all program variables to best support the objective of the meso cycle is just one of the several ways that the FPM is a holistic method of periodization.


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