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A lot of the athletic and tactical training mindsets that I read, view, and hear about don't make a lot of sense to me.  Way, way too often programs today singularly emphasize the finer aspects of moving a vertical load from point A to point B as "their program."  Nice, but is that really a well thought-out plan or just what is being regurgitated ad nauseum from the Soviet Sports Review circa 1960's? 

We should really be talking about about the interplay of how an athlete can generate, store, and expend energy and the body's ability to use energy in conjunction with cognitive aspects such as learning, skill acquisition/refinement, cohesion, leadership, purposeful practice AND unstructured play at a given point in time.  

The effective performance coach today really must be a hybrid-coach.  How can I coach athletes and warriors with the mindset of helping them to prepare to perform?  How can I continue to learn new avenues for teaching, myself?  How can I develop my own research (even if quasi research), be a better evaluator of technology, and more clearly see the signs and symptoms of overtraining and injury pathways in those I work with?  How can I better understand the workings of the human body (physiology), prudent applications of exercise science and educational-based delivery mechanisms as they pertain to training?

Be a cog in the wheel for helping create a stimulating, motivating, challenging and rewarding training environment.  Be the catalyst for the kind of program that inspires the human spirit to be a little bit better today than yesterday.  Be a champion for the health and well-being of those being trained, not their health 10 years from now, but right now.  Be a good listener.  Be good, do good.  

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