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The Top 5 BCS Teams: Coaching, Athletes and TRAINING

Lets consider the top 5 BCS teams as of the latest poll posted November 2, 2008:

1.) Alabama
2.) Texas Tech
3.) Penn State
4.) Texas
5.) Florida

Recruiting top tier Division I athletes is obviously an important variable in the success of these programs. Further, premier (as determined by their experience and success during their tenure) coaches implementing sound strategies are yet another block in the foundation of a winning football program. One can not, however, ignore the importance of keeping key players healthy throughout the duration of a college football season and the often crippling effect that such injuries can have on a team that otherwise would have ended it's season with a national championship ring.

The fact that the above noted teams find themselves ranked in the Top 5 of the BCS is a testament to the overall health of the starting battalions and the ability of healthy, well-developed second-string players to fill in where/when needed. The pre-season and in-season training regimens implemented by these programs are by far some of the best in the country.

Check out the following for more information on the leaders of these programs:

University of Alabama: Scott Cochran
Texas Tech University: Bennie Wylie
Penn State University: Chip Harrison
University of Texas: Jeff Madden
University of Florida: Mickey Marotti AND Article

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