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This summer I had the pleasure of working with some great athletes. From literally 7 years old to a couple of NFL rookies. I'm hoping my college guys are blessed enough to go beyond the collegiate realm or at least do what I did and do the typical camps for football. NFL camp, CFL camp, olympic training mini camp (sprinters). When I was doin all of this I had know idea that I was learning to become the total package (Strength, speed, balance,quickness, body awareness) but I was truly blessed with some great coaches from all over the country. I actually fell into the S&C position by accident. I had no intentions of training anybody and I was at a local high school working out when a few kids kept asking me questions. Them along with the head coach and athletic director persuaded me to take the position. I didnt realize I was the only cssc/cpt in the area. But man what a blessing it has been the last 10 months working with such great athletes and coaches in the area. I totally forgot how rich the area is for athletics. Now I have high school, college, and pro football and basketball guys calling me for training. I just thank god that he gave me the gift to help people like that.

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Comment by Adrian Bazemore on August 17, 2009 at 10:20pm
Thank you so much for the support! You should here some of the questions I hear come from the kids an trust me there not always sports related! I can name off about 5 to 10 kids alone with loads of talent but arent going anywhere just for the poor decisions they make. Alot of that I blame on the homelife. I work for a circuit court judge (head coach of the varsity basketball team) and he has admitted he had to lock up some of his former players (which is sad). But by the grace of god these kids will get the same support and chance that my suburban kids I train get. Oh yeah good job at the U of D mercy strength clinic! I'll have to stop by your place soon. If its in wixom its about 45 min away.
Comment by Jim Kielbaso on August 17, 2009 at 9:55pm
Adrian, you couldn't be more right about the amount of talent in Flint and it's great to know that someone is working with the kids up there. I've met a lot of fantastic kids from the area who simply don't have the kind of support network they should have. Guys like you will help some of those kids made good decisions and get ahead. In my opinion, the training is easy part. Being a role model is the hard part and that's what most people aren't willing to do. Good for you. Stop by Total Performance sometime when you're in the Detroit area.
Comment by Adrian Bazemore on July 24, 2009 at 10:58pm
Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. The 1st thing i would say is the attention to detail that is required when sprinting at a high level. The way my hands are when I'm running at 50%, at 70%, all out. If im cutting the calf, if im pushing instead of pulling, stuff I'm sure you already about. I was the slowest at a 10.4/10.6 100 meter race and 6.9 6.8 indoor 60 meter race so that should tell you the kind of people I trained with. 2nd is perserverance. I wanted to quit football an not play until I got a call from the lions and man I couldnt even think about quitting after that. 3rd I'd say is work ethic. I worked so hard at it. There were days when i trained at Michigan state and Eastern Mich where i thought death was coming lol. But I made sure nobody outworked me. Our track was shut down for and upgrade at michigan state in the middle of the winter an we had to workout with the gymnastics and volleyball team. Man those girls really taught me a thing or 2 about hard work. I thought I worked hard! Thats what I try to teach my athletes. Last but not least I'd say is faith. My old mentor (who went to 96 olympic trials for cycling) taught me all hard work pays off, which he is right. Those lessons I learned from being a athlete has transferred to me training my athletes.
Comment by Jeremy Boone on July 24, 2009 at 10:36am
GREAT STUFF! What would you say would be the top three or four things you will take away from your experience?


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