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The 'YOUR BEST' Mindset- Interview w/Dr. Carol Dweck [podcast]

In part one of this new podcast series titled ‘The YOUR BEST Mindset’ I am joined by Dr. Carol Dweck, best selling author of ‘Mindset- The New Psychology of Success’.

Below are a few topics from our discussion:

  • What inspired you to write the book ‘Mindset’?
  • Give us an overview of ‘the two mindsets’ as it relates to being your best
  • How hard is it to switch to a growth mindset?
  • Is it actually possible for veteran coaches to change?
  • How can mindset change the meaning of failure?
  • How can mindset change the meaning of effort?
  • Plus more!

To listen to the podcast in iTunes CLICK HERE

To listen to the podcast on the website CLICK HERE

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