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We are building a great site primarily through word of mouth and great info. I think we are on our way to changing the way a lot of people think in the field. Please take advantage of the two week, $1 offer.

Also, if you have questions, please post them to the forums. I can’t tell you how many people I meet who say “I'm a member of but, I don’t post to the forums, I just read them.” Take advantage of all the great minds who regularly answer questions. You're crazy if you don’t.

First up this week on is an article originally published on Anthony Renna’s site . The article is by David Ostrow and is titled simply Low Back Injuries. I thought it was a great basic piece that would benefit our readers and, Anthony and David were nice enough to let us reprint it.

Next up is another article from Aaron Brooks called Your Quadriceps and Calfs are Hip Extensors- Is it Possible?. I love to read Aaron’s stuff, it really makes you think. This one will be up on Wednesday.

Last but certainly not least in another article from Coach Nick Tuminello called Joint Friendly Lifting. Nick is another great young coach who is developing some great progressions. Nick's will be up on Friday.

Video of the Week is Thursday

Our video of the week comes from our good friend Tim Vagen. Tim is another great contributor to the site and has sent some t-spine mobility videos in. I know you’ll enjoy them.

As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast at While you are clicking links check out There is also a link for the blog on the home page of . Take a second and read the blog as it often contains thoughts and info not on the site.

Hope you enjoy the week.


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