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Here are three questions to consider:

1.  What's the training environment like? 

     - Do coaches and athletes clearly know what is expected of them? 

     - Are the goals of training realistic? 

     - How does the training environment reach the broad spectrum of athletes'


     - What are the motivational factors for athletes to train at a high level? 

     - How are athletes being developed along the performance continuum?

     - How inclusive is the training environment?

2.  Are the athletes ready to compete?

     - What analytics are involved in preparing and conducting training sessions?

     - How were these determined?

     - How much value is placed on the athletes being healthy?

     - How do you know if an athlete is out of shape or injured? 

     - What stress factors do we need to deal with?


3.  How does team or individual-building occur?

     - How are leaders developed within the training constructs?

     - How are followers developed within the training constructs?

     - What are the guidelines for healthy relationships between athletes and


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