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Running the 40 yard dash is a skill not a race. Most people just line up and go about running the 40, but do they really understand how to line up correctly and take off in the right manner? Well, we at the Parisi Speed School in Fair Lawn NJ understand every single aspect from 0-40; training over 1,000 athletes over the past decade and decreasing every single 40 yard dash time that came in through the door. Not only in high school athletes, but in college and pro as well.  Here I have 10 small tips on ways that can assist you in decreasing your 40
yard dash time:

1) 45 degree body angle

2) Horizontal shin angle

3) Explosive arm action

4) Chest up/hips forward

5) Toes pointed straight forward and up

6) Explosive 1st step

7) Work your way from a 45 degree angle to up tall

8) Rotat only shoulder and hip joints (resist twisted torso and moving head while running)

9) Keep hands open and face muscles relaxed

10) Step over the opposite knee

Steps 1-6 are in the acceleration phase of the sprint.


Keep in mind that these tips are focal points and not drills.  Also keep in mind that corrective progression and program design will also allow for a better decrease in time than just going out and running regular sprints.

Running your 40 yard dash to achieve the best time is a skill that is developed over time using correct technique through proper training. That is what we do here at the Parisi Speed School in Fair Lawn, NJ. Running your 40 yard dash at a fast pace is the best way to run it, but is it the most efficient way of doing it? With incorrect technique and just running a 40 at your fastest way possible can cost you the smallest amount of seconds that can cost you BIG TIME, and if you're looking to get into the pro's, it can cost you MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in a contract. Think about it, the more you train on correcting your technique on running a greater 40 yard dash time, ultimately can decrease your time and get you looks from the next level (college or pro). Let’s do the math: If you can decrease .005 of a
second every week you train, and you train for 16 weeks, you have just knocked off .08 from your 40 yard time. BIG NUMBERS. Why? Well, say you ran a 4.55 before training, after 16 weeks you knocked your time down to a 4.47! HUGE DECREASE! If you don’t think that the decreased time was huge, well think again, because those guys that are doing the recruiting in the NFL and for colleges will notice a .08 difference in 2 different athletes of the same position.


This isCoach Gio, CSCS reporting to you live from my home, Parisi Speed School Fair Lawn, NJ.


Coach Gio, CSCS

Parisi Speed School

Fair Lawn, NJ

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