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In most cases, I prefer hybrid-type of training.  What do I mean by "hybrid?"  Hybrid is mixed-method training whereas we're incorporating different training aspects into one workout or session.

Personally, I think in the long-run, a hybrid approach to training is a more efficient and effective systems training method than sole focus on power or max strength. 

Here's a grid that I use for planning purposes keeping the hybrid idea in mind.  This tool provides me a means to keep it simple, but maintain a precise focus.   I keep copies in my coach's planner and have real-time access to work on training ideas and then  test before rolling them out.  Even after, I want to know, "what is the response?"  I also maintain a file of these grid-cards for future reference.

I may not fill out every block during every session, but the construct helps me to keep seeking True North.

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