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I feel that it is absolutely vital to ponder, quantify, qualify, and examine strength and conditioning training as it is being facilitated.  This means more than just writing on a dry erase board, Power Cleans, 3 x 6 at 85% 1 RM.  Training has to be more than just lifting a weight.  Especially for niche populations such as athletes or tactical warriors we cannot just assume that a certain population of movements or exercises are synonymous with athletic development.

Session planning provides coaches with an opportunity to think about facilitation, about possible challenges during training, and then cueing them to take time after training and reflect.

How about you?  Are you taking the time to consider what your doing and how your doing it?   Are you taking the time to reflect after training?  How about discussing with others outside of your current circle of peers?

Here's a form I currently use and one that I've adapted many times.

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