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Who the heck doesn't want to train smarter?  We all do, don't we?  At least we should, but on further review I don't know if many entities out there really want to train smarter.  I guess some do as long as it doesn't involve changing anything currently being done.  A more correct statement would be, "Who the heck doesn't want to look cooler when training?"  That's probably more correct.

There's a ton wrong with that train of thought, right, looking cooler.  If I sellout down that path, I think the training smarter part goes out the window for the most part.  Smarter training involves trying to better understand the "WHY" we train and developing a smarter path "HOW" to do this.  But, this takes some real investment in challenging my own training paradigms and I might not like what I find.  At least, I've found this to be true.   

Here's a few thoughts that have lead me to smarter training.

1.  What are the physical fitness needs of those I am training in regards to being better competitors outside of the weight-room?

2.  How do I know that the needs I've identified are actually the needs?

3.  How can I help meet these needs through a physical training program?

4.  What is the hierarchy of these needs?

5.  How can I best develop a systematic plan utilizing the resources I have to meet these needs?

6.  How do I know if the training really made a difference? 

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