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Hey, I've been accused of being an egg-head on many occasions and I'm ok with it. To me training is like one big research project that will never be finished. I train, myself, at least 5 days a week at about 0500. I really love the early morning hours. Another exercise physiologist trains with me a few days a week, another day I'm by myself in my lab training, and then a couple of days a week I employ tactical swimming. For me it works and gives me an opportunity to see training through a handful of different lenses.
One of the things I noticed over time with training athletes is the fact that little attention is paid to training structure. Structure here being the why behind the why we train the way we do. Now, I'm gonna use ice hockey as an example. When I examine the literature involving the physiological needs of hockey athletes, the abundance of writings is quite sparse. Even in this regard, the depth of available literature is generalized. Now, if I look at information about how to train hockey players from a trainer's perspective, the available information is quite robust. My point is often the logic of the why behind the why is quite shallow. This creates a scenario where the why behind the why for ice hockey, as an example, is its an anaerobic sport and this is how I trained as a hockey player or this is how I see others training who look powerful; thus, this is what I should do as a hockey player.
Now, when I look at training from that kind of perspective, I would say, wait a minute that doesn't make much sense. Imagine if we practiced medicine that way, but isn't this often what happens regarding strength and conditioning logic? The why behind the why in this case really doesn't have a lot of depth.
How about you, how robust is the evidence regarding the why behind the why you train the way you do? Look back at the training logic, does it have some depth or is it a collection of myth, tradition, hear- say, personal experience, and marketing ploys? What's the why behind your why? How deeply have you dug beyond, I want to create power and explosive athletes?

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