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Treat the Hip like the Shoulder Part I

One way to address dysfuntion at the hip and shoulder is to fix the pevlis and scapula. Improving pelvic and scapular stability will give the muscles, which dynamically stabilize the bones of the hip and shoulder, a mechanical advantage. In this way, glute activation, hip extension patterns, and scapular stability exercises all play their part.

Another way, which is most commonly addressed at the shoulder, but not the hip, is to improve the functioning of the smaller, deeper muscles, or the rotator cuff. The hips need mobility, but stretching and soft tissue work won't suffice if the muscles that center the head of the femur in the hip socket aren't working properly.

I posted a video of a hip-rotator band series. There are many versions and variations of exercises to strengthen the hip rotators. I like the way these flow, however, it's important to know that they are a progression or two beyond 1) not using a band, 2) using a lighter band, and a progression before integrating them into a standing version.

Side lying exercises, and hip bridges are good place to start before using the progressions in the video.

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Comment by Joseph Hanson on May 6, 2009 at 9:34am
Reading your blog. Amen to strething/soft tissue work on hips. I have a talented Olympic lifter with hip problems- the stretching soft tissue has had limited effect. Cause of problem is training at a local high school while in college. 10-15 kids per platform, 10 minutes rest between sets, tried to make it work. Lost all hip and hamstring flexibility. Can't squat well and at 250lbs can do 18 dead-hang USMC pull-ups. It's taken 2 years to get him back to where he was before that 3 month fiasco.

I really like your stuff.

Joe Hanson
Athlete Development Center
Jacksonville Fla

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