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Troy/VTX Bumpers, no luck and still stuck with them...

Round two, no luck and they don't want to do anything.

We have handed it over to the people who wear nice suits and ties.....

Here's the last reply, since they said they are still ok I put two back out on the platforms and they broke out by the end of the day...

This sucks..

Our Texas High School Coaches Association website has these guys on their products page for advertising, working on letting them know how they left us and our kids hanging and should they let other coaches know about it or let them advertise on their...
Any Texas coaches out there who know someone who will help me with THSCA about them advertising on that site??

Out of my hands now, stacking broken bumpers by the wall daily...

Here's their reply:

I have sent all your information and documentation to my quality department for analysis.

I have been advised that USA Sports warranty for these plates does not cover the loosening of the center ring, only the complete falling out of the center ring is covered with issues of this nature. Unfortunately, I cannot issue a replacement for this warranty claim at this time. I apologize that there isn’t more I can do for you.

If you have any further questions regarding USA Sports warranty, please contact your sales rep who can better address your concerns.

Thank you,

Employee of the Month!
Jeannette Blood
Claims Representative
USA Sports Inc/Troy Barbell
Tel: 713.957.2882 x271 | Fax: 713.957.3577
Toll Free: 800.USA.SPORTS (800.872.7767) |

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