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Two Reasons that we should master the goal setting process

Have you set your goals for 2014 yet?

The turn of the year is a natural time of reflection and also a time for planning the year to come. Individuals set “New Year resolutions” and businesses plan the next year of launches and marketing campaigns.

For athletes, the key goal setting times are at the end of a macrocycle (the end of the season or after important tournaments) rather than the beginning of the New Year.

As strength coaches and personal trainers, we have a DOUBLE motivation to master the goal setting process:

  1. To establish and accomplish our own goals.
  2. To help the athletes and fitness clients that we work with establish and accomplish their goals.

In line with the focus on goals and plans at the turn of the year, the next four blog posts are follow ups to a series of blog posts from last fall on the goal setting process (Step 1 of The Flexible Periodization Method)

As stated in the Yes To Strength Beliefs, The Flexible Periodization Method is a holistic method of periodization that takes into account body, mind and spirit in the creation of the training program, thus the next four blog posts include principles and ideas that are rarely associated with strength and conditioning and fitness training.

Thank you for reading to the end of this Blogpost!

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PPS: In one week my next post covers the idea that goals are something we GIVE, not something we GET.

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