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Understanding The Training Factors Pyramid

This is the 11th blog post dedicated to write my next book called “BEYOND Functional Training: Maximizing the Transfer of Training Effects Through Science-based Exercise Selection.”

Below is an excerpt from section 1.1 What is a Needs Analysis

1.1 What is a Needs Analysis?

At the largest perspective, the needs analysis answers the question “What is needed to survive the environment?”  I typically prefer to slightly rephrase the questions and ask “What is needed to DOMINATE the environment?”

What is the “what” in the above question, you may ask?

A the largest scale, a very rough model to understand the “what” in the above question is The Training Factors Pyramid.(4)

Table 1.1: The Training Factors Pyramid(4)

The Training Factors Pyramid shows how performance in sports depends on physical factors, technical factors, tactical factors and psychological and mental factors.

The psychological and mental training are placed at the top of the pyramid to emphasize that without proper use of the psychological and mental faculties, an athlete will not be able to properly express his or her tactical, technical or physical abilities during competition.

Example (box): An athlete possesses a high level of physical abilities
(strength, power and endurance). The athlete also has great technical
skill and performs extremely well during practice. However, during
competition this athlete tends to get nervous and often performs
at a lower level compared to practice.

However, proper use of the psychological and mental faculties strongly affects physical training, technical training and tactical training, for example, through focus and self image. To communicate this point, I tell athletes and clients that “strength and conditioning is a mental event with a physical outcome”.

4. Bompa T. Preparation For Training. Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training 4th Ed. Chapter 3, p 54. Human Kinetics. 1994

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