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Use Cluster Training to Improve Deadlift Form

Breaking up a longer set with breathing in between repetitions makes the set a “cluster type”.


Cluster training is an application of the interval principle known from energy systems training applied to one set of resistance training.


Cluster Training is an example of the saying to “train as much as possible, while staying as fresh as possible. (1)  


Cluster training may have several advantages that are worth exploiting: (2)


  • A the same weight, power and velocity can be maintained at higher values across a set.
  • A heavier load can be used across a set.
  • The load can be changed within  a set to accommodate for the increased fatigue


Cluster training can also be used to facilitate proper form for a beginning client. During the training of for example dead lifts, squats, presses and Olympic lifts we can often see an athlete/client setting up perfectly and executing the first repetition with solid form.

However, already the next repetition is not as good and on the third repetition the form is GONE!

This blog post shows a way to deal with this problem - click on the link below to check it out

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