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The past is gone, in many cases long time gone. You and I know people who live in the past. Living in the past is not using the past effectively. The past is a starting point, just a reference point. Events gain clarity when we can look back at them in light of new information. If you feel lost, just look back over shoulder to see where you have come from, to get your bearings. I know for sure that the past is a place to find new ideas. I see the work of great coaches like Doc Councilman, Bill Bowerman, and Bud Winter that is brilliant in it’s simplicity and clarity. They got it; they blazed the way for us, so why ignore their work. I am looking closer at their work; I am using their brilliance and achievements’ as a call to action, as a stepping-stone to broaden my knowledge and improve my coaching, hopefully you will do the same.

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