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Want to CRUSH your competition? Bull Strength Released!

The Bull Strength Training Manual will be released SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8th at HIGH NOON! It will be on sale for 1 week, so everyone close to Synergy Athletics can purchase it cheaper, then the price will increase. Check it out at BULLSTRENGTH.COM

Here is what you can expect from Bull Strength:

-Bull Strength Program and Template for easy use.
-Sport considerations for every athlete.
-Unique and proven upper body training.
-Leg blasting lower body lifts.
-40 pages of crazy core ripping exercises with pictures.
-Finishing exercises to push you to the limit.
-Crushing grip training ideas and exercises
-Never heard of competitive training techniques to shatter records and plateaus.
-All tolled 250+ pages of high quality, highly useful training!
-And that’s just a sampling of what’s in there! I’ll also have to mention Max Shank’s Real Stone Training manual which is an added BONUS! Check out Max’s “Strong as Hell” blog HERE.

Here’s what some other respected strength professionals have said about Bull Strength:

“Joe Hashey is a outstanding new coach to emerge on the performance enhancement scene. His new manual Bull Strength is a excellent example of his in the trenches experience. He’s one of the few coaches I’ll turn to now and in the future when it comes to discussing ways to maximize athletic performance. If you’re serious about taking your athletes to the next level this is a must have training resource for your library.” - AJ Roberts -


“I don’t know about you, but I have zero time and tolerance for books and training ’systems’ that fill you with fluff and still leave you feeling empty inside. Look, if you simply want a hard core training TEMPLATE along with no BS exercises that produces nothing but ass-kicking results - you need to get your paws on a copy of Joe’s Bull Strength Manual!” - Elliott Hulse,


“I f*cking love it.” - Zach EvenEsh -

Zach’s full testimonial will be up on the sales page, but I think his brief statement sums it up!

The Bull Strength Manual will be available for download - WWW.BULLSTRENGTH.COM - SUNDAY AT HIGH NOON, DON’T MISS OUT ON THE ONE WEEK SALE OF 39.97!

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