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What Can The All Blacks Teach You About Expectations, Pressure, and Sacrifice?

The New Zealand All Blacks are the most recognized sports organization in the world. They have created a winning culture that has lasted decades. So what are they doing that we all can learn from?

In this podcast series I interview James Kerr, author of the book Legacy where he spent five weeks observing and writing what makes this organization so successful.

Here in part two we discuss the following:
  • 'A license to learn'
  • What did you learn about 'expectations' within the All Blacks culture?
  • What is meant by 'if it's not written it's not real'?
  • The power of self-expectation and 'leaving the jersey in a better place'
  • External expectation and dealing with pressure
  • The power of 'maps' and 'mantras'
  • Is pressure a priviledge?
  • How the All Blacks use the Red/Blue mental state approach
  • The All Blacks and a coach led culture of fear
  • What role does SACRIFICE play in the All Blacks culture?
  • The impact of the phrase 'Bleed for the Team'

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