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Win the Fourth Quarter With These Basketball Sled Push Finishers

When we think of Weighted Sled Pushes, the first athletes who come to mind are football players. You might be surprised, then, to learn how beneficial Sled Pushes are for basketball players. The Sled Push and its variations can be great additions at the end of any basketball player's workout, because they increase knee drive, aid in glute development, ensure a quick first step and engage the entire musculature of the body.

Unlike most other types of resistance work, Sled Pushes have no eccentric movement. Eccentric movement is the lowering of the weight, as opposed to concentric movement, which is the lifting, or in this case, driving the weight forward. Since Sled Pushes are purely concentric, they are a great way to work muscles at the end of a workout without beating them up too much and causing excessive soreness.

Benefits of These Complexes

  • Excellent for the glutes and the entire posterior chain.
  • Ensure core stability.
  • Increase work capacity and conditioning.
  • Mimic the sport by working muscles used to sprint and jump.

Keys to Mastering These Complexes

  • Do 3 or 4 sets for 25 yards twice a week.
  • Keep a flat back while pushing the sled.
  • Explode with your first step to generate maximum momentum.
  • Use no more than 10 percent of your body weight to allow for natural movement.
  • Make sure the complex does not exceed 10 seconds.

Angled Triangle High Handle Basketball Agility Sled Push

Upside Down L Quick Step Basketball Agility Sled Push

Sprint Quick Step/Move Around Cone Angled Basketball Conditioning Agility Sled Push

Around the Pick Basketball Conditioning Agility Sled Push

Inside the Paint Quick Move Basketball Conditioning Agility Sled Push

With some tweaking and creativity, more complexes like this can be done with the sled. If you do not have access to a push sled, you can achieve similar results using a plate. Sled Pushes provide a tough full-body workout, but you will reap the benefits during those crucial late-game possessions.

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